Act Two & Beyond:
Making The Rest of Your Life Spectacular

The Best Day of Your Life Hasn't Happened Yet!

Motivational Humorist Gid Pool Is Ready To Entertain And Inspire Your Group

A Unique Journey That Turned Into A Passion

Gid is a motivational humorist who has spent the last eight years helping people change their future. He began with his, when at the age of sixty-one he walked away from a career in real estate to follow his dream of becoming a motivational humorist. Today his passion has taken him to more than fifty countries, helping people rediscover their dreams and showing them how they can face their future with excitement and passion.  

"Houston, We Have A Problem."

Well, Baby Boomers, you have a problem. It is estimated by the US Government that each day more than 7,918 Baby Boomers turn sixty! That's 2,890,070 people per year, the majority of whom plan to work well into their previously thought of "retirement years."  What they are discovering is what awaits them are possibly 20 plus years of emptiness. They have no plan once they stop working. They have no reason to look forward to tomorrow. They were busy living life. The blank future confronts them because they have lost that dream they had as a young person. They have forgotten that idea or ideas that motivated them. Gid understands what that feels like, how a sense of dread can overcome someone who is suddenly faced with the unknown. He's been there! More importantly, Gid knows how they can make those years exciting...even spectacular!

What's Being Said About About Gid

The world first discovered Gid when an inspirational article was published about him in the Wall Street Journal. Along his exciting journey, he was interviewed by Jane Pauley for a segment on the Today Show. She said of him, 'He could be the Pied Piper of the Baby Boomer generation."  She also wrote about him in her book, "Life Reimagined," as have two other authors. Due to the Today Show, he was also invited to appear at the AARP National Convention in New Orleans and talk about his story. 


"After hearing Gid, I was determined to change my life." Sharon H/United Kingdom 


"Gid Pool is a very creative and energetic motivational  speaker.  He has a profound way of energizing the audience.  He is able to use personal stories and humor to both entertain and motivate the listener.  During his talk he develops a relationship with the audience and helps them discover a new found passion for their cause.  Quick witted and seasoned as a speaker, he can handle any situation that may arise. "

Daryl M./Financial Associate/Thrivent Financial®


Contact him today to have the best opportunity of getting your preferred date or dates. You can call him at 941-276-4140 or email him on the Drop Gid A Line link below.

A Bit About Gid Pool

In 1994 Gid graduate from "The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary" in Louisville, Kentucky. He is active in Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Sarasota County, has volunteered as a youth basketball coach, and is also involved in community affairs. His resume even includes being a professional ski instructor! His wide range of skills and experiences means he can connect with the audiences in a big way. His book, "Act Two & Beyond: Making The Rest of Your Life Spectacular" is available on